Each year, we put out a church wide bible reading plan. Each plan covers the entire New Testament and a vast majority of the Old Testament. Over the course of three years the reader will cover the bible in its entirety (covering much of it three times over).

The hope is to develop a rhythm of reading God's word daily. If we are people saved through a covenantal promise from God, we must cling to his promises by seeing God's great gospel of grace culminated in Jesus Christ. As we read together, the Spirit of God uses the Word and gospel community to help us see our deep need for grace and that need perfectly met in the risen savior, Jesus. 

Download the reading plan below (print two-sided and fold in quarters)

Helpful questions to ask when reading:

  • What does the passage say? Is anything emphasized, repeated, etc?
  • What did the passage mean to it's original audience?
  • What does the passage tell you about God?
  • What does the passage tell you about man?
  • What does the passage demand of you?
    • How do you need to repent?
    • What truths do you need to believe?
  • How does the passage change the way you relate to others?
  • How does the passage prompt you to pray?